Julian Calverley

Advertising & Landscape Photographer, based in the UK and working worldwide. Closet drummer.

Represented in London by LPA, and in New York by Greenhouse Reps.


Julian Calverley:  London Philharmonic Orchestra

“They were looking for drama,” says Julian Calverley.

No doubt the London Philharmonic Orchestra found it when their agency, Chaos Design, commissioned Julian to shoot their recent ad campaign.

Known in part for the moody style of his photography—threatening skies, theatrical landscapes and more—Julian was the perfect choice to shoot the giants of the orchestra in front of London’s iconic landmarks.

People and places were shot separately—only a half-day was allotted for the musicians, while the locations were done in three long days, from sunup to sundown. “The landscape images were actually three frames stitched together,” says Julian, who used an ALPA 12 STC with ALPA HR Alpagon 4.0/40mm and IQ180 MFDB. The STC allows an integrated shift of the camera back, so the lens remains precisely in place, avoiding any distortion. Once the agency had paired artist with area, Julian finished the images himself in postproduction.

“It was incredibly exciting to shoot in London,” says Julian. “It’s an exciting, buzzing place. It was intense—and a bit of an adventure.”